China Tour 2019

UWACS was invited on a cultural exchange touring four cities of China in October 2019. A total group of 76 toured, including choristers, family and friends, soloists, conductor and accompanist.

Malta 2018

In January 2018, a group of 30 choristers, plus spouses, family and friends went to Malta at the invitation of the St Paul’s Cathedral Church Council to perform Handel’s Messiah with the highly regarded Goldberg Ensemble. The concert was part of a fund-raising effort to restore the spire of the Cathedral.

Venice 2013

Thirty-three UWACS choristers joined choristers from New York, Cincinnati, Texas and the Chor Persephone Wein Singers to form a choir of one hundred. The final performance was in the Imperial Riding School Renaissance Hotel on March 22nd 2013.